FFNYC Guests

Appearances from your favorite athletes, legends, and icons. More announcements to come!
Derek Jeter
Tom Brady
Kevin Durant
Sabrina Ionescu
Eli Manning
Peyton Manning
Hulk Hogan
Gary Vaynerchuk
Cody Rhodes
Sunday Aug. 18
Autographs & Photo Ops
Rhea Ripley
Sunday Aug. 18
Autographs & Photo Ops
Cal Ripkin Jr.
Saturday Aug. 17
Jerry Rice
Autographs & Photo Ops
Emmitt Smith
Autographs & Photo Ops
Allen Iverson
Autographs & Photo Ops
Meet your favorite athletes and icons at Fanatics Fest NYC! Grab an autograph or snap a photo with talent from our guest list. We will continue to announce guests leading up to the event, so make sure to visit the website for the most up-to-date information!

Fans will be allowed to bring their own items to be signed for autograph sessions. Items must be approved. Visit our FAQs to see the list of prohibited items.

Select guests will be participating in photo ops and autograph sessions. More details regarding Autograph & Photo Ops pricing and how to purchase will be released closer to the event.

Please note that fans must purchase a Ticket to FFNYC for the same day(s) that their selected guest(s) will be appearing at FFNYC.

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