The Theatre

Welcome to the pinnacle of sports celebration at Fanatics Fest NYC. At The Theatre, the brightest stars from every major sport will converge for three electrifying days. Prepare to be riveted as you hear untold stories – their biggest triumphs, toughest moments, and the business and life lessons they’ve learned along the way. You don’t want to miss a minute of your sports heroes on The Theatre!

Bing Bong

The Iconic NY Knicks

FRIDAY Aug. 16
Step into the heart of Knicks fandom as celebrity fans join current and past New York Knicks players on stage, reminiscing about cherished court moments and their undying love for New York basketball.

Hosted by Ben Stiller
Featuring: Spike Lee, Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart, Walt Frazier

character counts

Derek Jeter & David Ortiz

FRIDAY Aug. 16
Join two of the most clutch players in baseball history as they dive into the journey of transitioning from careers on the diamond to influential lives beyond it. Jeter and Ortiz will discuss their experiences learning from mentors and becoming philanthropic leaders, while having integrity shape their everyday actions.

Hosted by David Ortiz
Featuring: Derek Jeter

True Grit

Tom Brady & Special Guests

Friday Aug. 16
A fireside chat highlighting Tom Brady's unparalleled mental toughness and resilience both on and off the field. Learn how Brady is navigating his second act as a commentator and business man, while focusing on family and his ultimate legacy.

Hosted by Stephen A. Smith
Featuring: Tom Brady  

Night of Champions: 100 Years of NY Giants Football

Eli Manning & Special Guests

Friday Aug. 16
On this panel, legendary New York Giants football players come together, united by their relentless pursuit of greatness, shared championship triumphs, lasting friendships, and fierce rivalries.

Hosted by Jesse Palmer
Featuring:  Eli Manning, Justin Tuck, Plaxico Burress, Otis Anderson, and Special Guests

The Butterfly effect

Travis Scott & michael rubin

saturday Aug. 17
Join Travis Scott and Michael Rubin for a fireside chat as they explore the strategies behind building global brands and achieving widespread influence. Gain insights into their journeys and learn how they've transformed passions into cultural phenomena and how small actions create monumental shifts.

Featuring Travis Scott and Michael Rubin

The ultimate fantasy draft

saturday Aug. 17
Come join iconic superstars from the NFL, NBA, and beyond come together for one special day to draft and discuss their favorite players from the upcoming 2024/2025 season. Each special guest will offer their professional takes on what it takes to be great and fantasy expertise like never seen before.

Hosted by Matthew Berry
Featuring: Cal Ripken Jr., Jerry Rice, Kyle Kuzma, Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor, Channing Crowder, Deestroying, Lou Young, and Special Guests

one of one

KEVIN DURANT, anthony edwards, and jalen rose

saturday Aug. 17
KD and Ant Man - one of one. These two global superstars will talk about their upbringings, their love of their mothers, dominating the league and building global brands. Plus, hear about how their experience on Team USA at the Paris Olympics, the chase of winning a championship, the 2023 season and expectations for 2024.

Hosted by Jalen Rose, Fanatics Head of Talent and Player Relations
Featuring: Kevin Durant and Anthony Edwards

ring revolutionaries

the making of a wwe superstar

saturday Aug. 17
The Making of a WWE Superstar has WWE Superstars Jey Uso, Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill dive into their journeys of becoming household names that entertain millions of fans around the world each year.

Featuring: Jade Cargill, Bianca Belair, Jey Uso

the sheriff


sunday Aug. 18
In a captivating main stage talk, Peyton Manning offers invaluable insights into his ventures with Omaha Productions, reflecting on his successful career as a two-time NFL champion. Manning's engaging stories unveil his passion for mentoring the next generation and his dedication to family.

Hosted by Stephen A. Smith
Featuring: Peyton Manning

No Quit New York

Henrik Lundqvist & Special Guests

Sunday Aug. 18
Immerse yourself in the spirit of champions as Henrik Lundqvist and iconic New York Rangers players from past and present unite on stage for "No Quit New York," a panel illuminating their unwavering passion for victory on the ice.

Hosted by Tie Domi
Featuring: Henrik Lundqvist, Mike Richter, K’Andre Miller, Matt Rempe